Our Story
"It's a Simple Story!"

For 40+ years, the name Coosemans has been at the forefront of the specialty produce business. In fact, we were selling specialty produce when many referred to it as “Weird Stuff”. Well, much has changed in the past 40-plus years and specialty produce has not only established itself as being viable but rather, it’s downright essential in today’s produce world.

Now that specialty produce has established itself, it’s important that you establish a relationship with a knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced specialty produce company.

For two decades Coosemans has been serving clients around the world. From our offices in Santiago to Quebec, and from California to Belgium, the Worldwide in our name really means something. Worldly yes, and we have locations in over 27 cities that allow us to be neighborly, too! So when you need something from far or near, your Coosemans partner is always here.

Everyone wants to be as close to the source as possible, so BUYING DIRECT is the only way to go. It’s important to know that WE ARE: Growers, Shippers, Packers, Wholesalers, Retail Merchandisers, Brokers, Importers & Exporters, too. In fact, in many instances, when you buy from us, you couldn’t be buying any more direct unless you were planting the seeds yourself!

Whether you’re already in the specialty produce business or thinking about jumping in, you need to be well connected. Plug into the world’s most effective specialty produce network: Coosemans Worldwide, Inc., and feel the power of a direct connection.